Grow Lights for a Non-Solar Garden

Mr. Light offers a wide range of energy efficient grow lights that you can use for your non-solar garden all year round!

Ask any gardener or friend with a green thumb and they'll tell you that growing plants isn't really that difficult… as long as you understand what they need. Healthy grow medium or soil for nutrition and enough light to promote growth are the basics for most plants. You can easily get good, healthy growing medium at your local gardening supply store, but as for light, you might have a bit more difficulty. Giving your plants enough light to encourage growth isn't always as easy as setting them on the windowsill and waiting for the sun to come out.

Depending on what you're trying to grow, different plants have different light requirements. But the one constant they need for healthy growth is light, which they use as energy to power the photosynthetic process.

While it may seem simple enough, the reality is that providing enough light can be a challenge for some people. For those living in a city apartment that's facing a certain side of the building, direct light might be impossible, and without a backyard or open-air garden, options are very limited. The same goes for people who live in colder or wet climates, but want to grow plants that require more light intensity that they can't get under an overcast sky and wet weather.

That's where grow lights come in. With a grow light, gardeners can have more control over how much light they can provide, and for how long. For growing plants that require more hours of direct light, you can use these lights to provide 12, 18, or 24 hours of light indoors, and in an environment you can fully control. Now you don't have to wait for the sun to come out, or for the rain to stop. Sprout those seedlings all year round in your own non-solar garden!

Mr. Light offers a number of grow light fixtures and adjustable plant stands you can use to start your indoor garden easily. We have both fluorescents and LED grow lights with varying intensities, all fitted with specific bulbs in the right light spectrum to ensure that your plants get not only the right amount of light, but the right kind as well. And to make sure that your gardening project stays green, these lights are energy-efficient so you can keep them on for hours without the guilt or cost.

Choose our fluorescent lights to get the most bang for your buck, but if you want the best energy efficiency, we have an LED high power grow light that can save you even more money in the long run.