Dual Color Christmas Wreaths


Mr. Light is the main provider of pre-lit wreaths and other Christmas orientated products. Our wide range of festive products and designs is enough to suit every shopper. From solar wreaths and dual color wreaths, to light up Christmas trees and LED polar bears, we carry it all. Customers are pleased with the wide selection of products that we offer. Everyone wants their home to look grand during the holiday season, and we can help them to accomplish their goals. Our products are carefully designed with a lot of attention to detail, and customers will not have to worry about having the same decorations as their neighbors, since we design most of the products that we sell. Our products are completely original, to allow people to decorate their homes as festive as they want them to be.


Why Choose Mr. Light?


Customers continually choose us because they know they are guaranteed fast shipping and the best customer service available. All of our products are safe, and they are made from the finest materials to ensure longevity of the product life. Don’t settle for cheap plastic solar wreaths, when Mr. Light can offer well-made solar powered wreaths. Customers will be hard pressed when searching for a better product elsewhere for the same value. All of our products are well packaged through the shipping process, to reduce the chances of breakage. It is this standard of care that has made us the most desirable solar powered distributor in the industry.


Types of Products We Offer


·         Solar Powered Garland

·         Solar Powered Wreaths

·         Dual Color Wreaths

·         Extra Large Wreaths

·         Solar Wreaths With LED Lights

·         Solar Wreaths With Warm White Lights


Contact Us to Place an Order


Contact Mr. Light today to order your solar powered products and festive holiday supplies. Our team will be more than happy to assist you with your purchasing needs. Customer service is our first and foremost priority, so customers will always get great products and services when they choose Mr. Light.