Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

Are you looking for Christmas lights that offer something a little different from what you might find everywhere else? Mr. Lights offers an unbelievable selection of Christmas lights and accessories that will brighten up your Christmas.

Mr. Light sells the best solar string lights on the market. Solar Christmas lights are a great way to celebrate the holidays, and a solar string light in your yard will work all year round. If you like the idea of lighting with solar power, you’ll love Mr. Light’s dual colored Christmas trees and wreaths, solar garlands, solar tree lights, solar net lights, indoor LED ornaments, LED rope lights, LED string lights, LED copper wire lights, lighted icicles, lighted snowflakes and much more!

Mr. Light’s 9 ft tall Pre-lit tree features 700 LED Christmas lights and 6 functions, and an unbelievable 2,162 tips!  Get two trees in one- its unique feature allows you to change all the lights from warm white to multi-color. The switch on the power cord changes from one to the next, creating two completely different looking trees!

The Solar 77 ft. long, 200 LED blue multi-function Christmas string light allows you to choose between 4 different modes, including steady, flashing, chasing and fading. Providing about 71 feet of lighting from first LED to last, plus 6 linear feet of lead wire to solar panel. Its adjustable knob allows the panel to swivel at the top of the stake to angle toward the sun. Meets waterproof standards.

Your guests will be attracted to these solar butterfly Christmas lights, featuring 10 pieces of slow-color-changing LED butterflies 4 inches in size. Each butterfly offers a slow-transitioning color change LED, handing down from the top clear curtain wire by a clear 12 inch wire. 

Your yard will look incredible on Christmas night with a 36 foot heavy duty commercial grade 1/2 inch diameter thick rope Christmas light, in four 9 ft linkable sections. Safe for indoor or outdoor use in energy saving color-changing LEDs. Mr. Light offers this product at a terrific price you won’t find anywhere else.


Mr Light is a proud supplier of festive lighted snowflakes and other Christmas light products that are sure to brighten up your Christmas decor. While there are many other places to purchase Christmas lights, Mr. Light has stood the test of time for one very important reason- Mr. Light provides products and service that are second to none in the industry. 

Make sure your Christmas is well-lighted, indoors and out. Today’s energy efficient lighting options provide a wide range of lighting options that will keep your electric bill under budget while inspiring your neighbors to decorate as well.

Browse our site for more Christmas LED snowflakes, curtain lights, LED lights, solar garden stakes, digital Christmas picture frames, solar wreaths, artificial trees, Christmas candles and much, much more. You’ll save time shopping at a one-stop source for lighting, and will save money as well. Make Mr. Light a part of your Christmas decorating this year.


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Christmas Lights