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Giant Mobile Phone

Giant Mobile Phone

How A Giant Mobile Phone Will Sell For You

Mobile phones have become an extension of a person. The devices are absolutely necessary for business and convenience.

Mobile phones have come to mean much more to people. The devices are a demonstration that a person is superior to others. The mobile phone keeps people connected. The connections with family and business are important. Connections with brands sell. Connections with celebrities boost egos.

Some may argue that people are addicted to mobile phones. The “addiction” is growing. There is no end in sight to the potential for income that mobile phones have for businesses of all sizes.

What is the appeal of a giant mobile phone?


A huge phone is familiar. The phone makes an instant connection with the user. The user gets to continue their “addiction” in a tailored manner that is specific to the ends of the company that supplies the huge phone.


Size sells. The attraction of size has always had a sales benefit. The shock value of a huge phone is an invitation to become engaged. The invitation can be irresistible if the company using the phone for promotion has designed the presentation properly.


All people want a unique experience. A giant mobile phone can provide that experience. The experience can be simply using a phone to do the things that a person normally does. The experience can be tailored convenience that creates a great branding impression. The experience can be a teaching moment for a product.


The appeal of mobile phones is the involvement of multiple senses. Vision, hearing, and touch are totally involved in the experience. Huge phones create a much more memorable experience. The benefit for any company is free ads on social media. The user of the big phone becomes your free sales person.

Why a giant mobile phone works


The phones are big. The phones range in size from 27 inches high to 55 inches high. Despite the size the phones fit in a small area. The size makes this type of sales display perfect for any venue. The idea is to put the phone where the largest number of potential clients will see it and use it.

Tailored for Function

Huge phones work with all operating systems. The displays can be tailored to be directories for malls. The big phones have found a niche in promoting new games and casino games. Big phones make hotel and car rental much more user friendly. Any business can promote and tailor its offering to its clients.

How the world does business

The most recent data shows that 70 percent of purchases were made with a mobile phone. That figure is expected to be 90 percent by 2020. A giant mobile phone is simply another opportunity to sell and get noticed.

It’s cool

Smart companies never neglect the cool factor. Being seen using a huge phone or sending a selfie to your friends and colleagues while you use a giant phone make a person feel smart and cool. The company gets a free ad and more business. That is cool.


Giant Mobile Phone

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Giant Mobile Phone Giant Mobile Phone