Led Christmas Candles

Led Christmas Candles

Are you looking for LED Christmas candles this year? Mr. Light has a great selection, at prices you’re going to really appreciate. If you want the convenience of an LED candle without sacrificing any of the ambiance, take a look at what Mr. Light has in stock:


- 4.5 inch LED Touch Control Tapered white, amber, and color changing LED Christmas candles with timers

- 9.5 inch LED Touch Control Tapered white, amber, and color changing LED Christmas candles with timer

- Four metallic finish flickering Amber LED 10.25 timer taper candles

- Set of four 7.5 inch Ivory timer tapers, with real brass holders and flickering amber LEDs


Mr. Light’s battery tapered LED candles are exceptional for all of your candle lighting needs and provide long battery life. If you haven’t used LED candles in the past, you’re going to really appreciate the value they offer.Mr. Light supplies battery votive candles as well:


- Set of four long life pearl white finish flickering amber LED Christmas candles with electronic timers, stays lit for 4 months on one set of batteries!

- Set of four long life metallic finish flickering amber votive size LED Christmas candles with electronic timers

- Set of 12 submersible color-changing LED Christmas tea light candles

- Set of 6 pumpkin color flickering LED tea light Christmas candles, batteries included!

- Mold it in your freezer, small ice sculpture candle holder with 2 LED Christmas candle tea lights


LED Christmas votive candles are a great choice when you want to just bring a little light into an area or accent a place in your home. They can really bring a special look to any area.


Real wax LED Christmas candles are a perfect touch for that special holiday event. Mr. Light’s extra large 6.5 inch square pillar real wax LED Christmas candle is a great deal at $12.99! Its extra large diameter square offers ivory-golden flame accents and makes a wonderful table centerpiece or mantlepiece. No need to turn it off- it will last for weeks and weeks, even if left on 24 hours a day!


Flickering and/or color changing single 6 inch real wax pillar LED Christmas candles offer you the choice of flickering amber, flickering amber and color change or just color change LED. The Real wax pillar makes a fabulous centerpiece or wall shelf stand-alone piece that will draw your guests to its presence to determine the source of the light. These LED Christmas candles are a steal at $7.99.


Mr. Light is a supplier of high quality, affordable rechargeable LED Christmas tea candles, at prices well below retail and less than you’re likely to find anyplace else online. Choose from sets of 12 flickering amber flame tea lights with remote control, sets of 24 amber LED flickering flames, sets of 4 remote control super bright color changing LED tea lights, sets of 12 restaurant quality rechargeable tea lights with glass holders, and many more!


For a great selection of LED Christmas candles, make Mr. Light a part of your holiday shopping. You’ll find everything you’re looking for, and a few things you didn’t know you needed!

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Led Christmas Candles