Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees

Mr. Light is a proud supplier of beautiful pre-lit artificial Christmas trees that will light up your holidays and be enjoyed year after year for many Christmases to come. Take a look at their popular multi-color lit trees:


- 8.5 Ft. tree with 600 multi-color LEDs and 6 functions, mixed pine and PVC, total 1778 tips! This is one of the most popular pre-lit artificial Christmas trees available from Mr. light, and it’s easy to see why! With almost 2,000 tips, this is an incredibly beautiful tree and will make a lovely addition to any home Christmas decor. 


This tree features dual color, meaning that you can change all of the lights from all warm white to all multi-color, and back and forth between the two as often as you desire. The switch on the power cord changes the lights between modes. If one light on this tree goes out, only its particular section of lights will go out, enabling you to locate the bulb easier than if the entire tree were to go out. 


Mr. Light’s 8.5 Ft. pre-lit artificial Christmas trees are widely popular with customers. Your family will love the tradition of putting it together and decorating its beautiful boughs.


- 9 Ft. tree with 700 multi-color LEDs and 6 functions, Mixed pine and PVC with 2,162 tips! If you have the room for this tree, we highly recommend it- and at the price, you won’t find another one any place else like it. This tree provides a spectacular presence in a room, with its dual function of offering either all warm white lights, or all multi-colored lights. Particularly after decorated, this tree is something special to behold! With almost 2,200 individual tips, you could shop for pre-lit artificial Christmas trees from now until Christmas but would not find the like of this one.


- 7.5 Ft tree with 500 multi-color LEDs and 6 functions, Mixed pine and PVC with cones! Total 1,202 tips. This tree is everything its 9 foot counterpart is, but without requiring the high ceiling structure. If your home will not accommodate Mr. Light’s incredible 9 foot pre-lit tree, this 7.5 foot Christmas tree is everything you hope it will be, in a slightly shorter package- and this tree has cones! Your family is going to love unpacking this tree and decorating its branches for Christmas.


- 7.5 Ft high-tech tree with multi-color LEDs and 40 functions! Mixed frosted needle pine with 614 tips and 400 multi-color LEDs. This tree has it all, and at such a great price too. Imagine 40 functions to let you light it up how you want it lit, with either all warm white it multi-colored. Its mixed frosted needle branches are oh-so-spectacular. You won’t find another tree close to this price for everything it delivers.


Mr. Light is your source for pre-lit artificial Christmas trees at the best prices around. See their entire inventory when you visit if you have questions or need help with your order, email






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Pre-lit Artificial Christmas Trees